World heritage Schokland

Timeless Mystery

  • The Schokland World Heritage Site is an island on dry land in the polder landscape of the Noordoostpolder. The island is 4 kilometres long and 300-500 metres wide. The total World Heritage Site is more than 1,300 hectares. On Schokland there is a Museum and a Visitor Centre – De Gesteentetuin.

    Museum Schokland

    The museum is open all year round. Look for actual opening hours on the Museum website.

    Bezoekadres Museum Schokland
    Middelbuurt 3
    8319 AB Schokland
    0527 - 760630

    De Gesteentetuin

    De Gesteentetuin and the Visitor Centre are open every Saturday and Sunday afternoon. And in the summer months and during school holidays on more days. Look here for actual opening hours.opening hours.

    Bezoekadres De Gesteentetuin
    Keileemweg 1
    8319 AC Schokland
    0527 - 652 210 / 0320 - 286 111

    Doing business on Schokland?

    Do you have any good or attractive ideas for recreational or tourist activities on Schokland? They are more than welcome! We would like to show the Schokland World Heritage Site to the visitor in a special manner. For this purpose, a group of entrepreneurs have set up the ‘Schokland Timeless Mystery’ concept. We are looking for entrepreneurs who would like to work together with us within this concept.

    Please contact our regional planner for more information or with any questions:

  • Contact

    Do you need more information about activities on Schokland? Or about educational opportunities? Please send an email to or fill in the form below.

  • Museum Schokland

    Middelbuurt 3
    8319 AB Schokland
    0527 - 760630

  • Het Flevo-landschap

    Vlotgrasweg 11
    8219 PP Lelystad
    0320 - 286111