World heritage Schokland

Timeless Mystery

Museum Schokland

Museum Schokland

Schokland has many secrets and beautiful treasures. Discover them at Museum Schokland.

The museum lies on the Middelbuurt, one of the man-made mounds (terpen) on the former island of Schokland. A historical museum church built in 1834 also belongs to the museum and is a beautiful wedding location. And during the winter you can enjoy high-quality classical concerts here.

Exhibition and expositions

The permanent exhibition at the museum displays the unique history of Schokland. In addition, there are also temporary expositions and the museum organises courses about geology, archaeology and history. In the museum shop you can buy many items including souvenirs, postcards and books.

Walking and cycling

Museum Schokland is a good starting point for a walking or cycling tour. There are all kinds of lovely walking and cycling routes available in the museum shop. The Archeoroute is especially for children. During this adventurous walk you will meet children who once lived on Schokland and discover how they lived and what their lifestyles were like.

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